For authors and publishers: Thank you so much for allowing me to review your book! At this time, I am accepting Advanced Reading Copies of books and would prefer a physical copy.

My preferred genres:

  • Young Adult
  • General Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Memoirs

Sometimes it can take me up to two weeks to finish a novel (or even longer during the school year), so please allow at least two to three weeks before a full review of your book will be published on my site.

Accepting your book for review/receiving an ARC will not affect the honesty of my review. All opinions are my own.

If you have anymore questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at deelightfuldays@gmail.com.

For readers: I typically rate my books on a 1-5 star scale, but I know when I’m searching for books to read this type of system isn’t always helpful in terms of whether or not I think I’d want to take the time to read the book for myself. That being said, my reviews will always contain a Goodreads summary, my review (regarding pace, character, plot, etc.), my overall rating (on a 1-5 star scale), and the Goodreads average rating. To give you a more accurate representation of what’s going on through my head in terms of the number of stars I give a book, I’ll break it down for you below.

  • 5 stars: I absolutely loved this book. It was life changing and one that I recommend to family, friends, and peers–even if it is not a genre they would typically read. I’ll most likely read it again and integrate its characters into my everyday life, which might mean naming my new cat after its main character (speaking from experience, of course).
  • 4 stars: I really liked this book. It kept my attention well enough, and I liked the characters. It’s one that I might recommend to others, only if I know they’ve read other books similar to it (in terms of genre, plot, etc.) or by the same author.
  • 3 stars: I liked this book enough to finish it. It was most likely hard for me to get into at first. It’s not one I’ll probably read again or recommend to someone else. However, I’m still glad that I gave the book a chance and read it.
  • 2 stars: I did not like this book. There may have been parts of it that I found enjoyable, but I never got fully interested or invested into the book. It took me awhile to finish the book, and it’s not one that I’d recommend to others.
  • 1 star/DNF: I hated this book so much that I couldn’t even finish it. This book will not merit a full review from me, but I will provide a brief explanation as to what I didn’t like about the book/why I couldn’t finish it.

Want to discuss book reviews with me? Head on over to my contact page, complete the provided form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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