My Favorite Halloween Flicks

With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about my favorite Halloween movies! I’ve already watched all of them this month, and it’s only the 13th of October. Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed about that fact. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I feel as if all the stereotypical traditions are more stress-free than say, planning a Thanksgiving dinner or making sure you’ve bought your mother’s Christmas presents. One of my favorite things to do in order to get myself in the Halloween spirit is to watch my favorite Halloween films. I’ve compiled a short list below of my must-watch films. I couldn’t find any links to trailers (I think the movies are too old lol), but I did provide links to where you could purchase/rent them if you wanted to.

Take a look, and let me know if you watch any of these films, too! If you have any Halloween movie recommendations, leave a comment below–I’m always looking for new movies to watch.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Halloweentown – This movie will always be not only my favorite Halloween movie, but also one of my favorite movies in general. I grew up with this movie, so there are definitely feelings of nostalgia when I watch it, as well as the desire to go to a place like Halloweentown. I will state that if you did not grow up with this movie, watching it now might not have the same effect on you as it did on me and other fans of the film–unless you can watch it with the mindset of an eight-year-old kid. I’ve just always liked this movie because it’s magical, but also very simple in terms of the portrayal of the town. While the main character and her family are witches, this film contains other magical creatures including ghosts, vampires, werewolves ,etc. Keep in mind that this film was made in the later 90s, so the special effects and acting are not what we’re used to–I even laugh about it sometimes while watching it.

>>>Purchase movie here

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Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge – Obviously this would be second on the list. Imagine the pure joy my eight-year-old self felt when she realized there was a second movie to her favorite Halloween film! In terms of sequels, I think this is one of those incidents where the sequel is almost just as good as the first movie! What I like about this film is that it is quite obvious to the audience how much Marnie has grown not only as a teen, but also as a new witch. In this film, we watch Marnie encounter her first love interest, which is arguably one of the most human things to experience, so it’s nice that there is still an equal balance of human hardships, as well as magical problems. And let’s not forget my favorite character–Gort and his struggle to match hundreds of unmatching socks.

>>>Purchase movie here

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Hocus Pocus – If I don’t watch this movie at least once during the month of October, I feel as if I have failed as a human being, and it doesn’t even feel like Halloween is approaching. I fell in love with this movie at a young age, not only because it’s just such a great story, but how can a young girl not fall in love with Thackery Binx? *swoons* I’m only half kidding. I love the Sanderson sisters despite their desire to suck the souls out of children (minor flaw, am I right?). I think that this film presents a prominent villain, while not being too scary, which makes this film suitable for children. It’s also quite funny, and I didn’t pick up on that fact until I watched the film when I was older. This movie also brings up nostalgic feelings for me because my mother, sister, and I watch it every year. I think this film is a great candiadate in terms of what types of movies to watch with your family during the month of October.

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Twitches – If you haven’t caught on by now, I watched a lot of Disney Channel when I was younger (I lived and breathed that network lol), but their original movies are just SO good. However, this is one, like Halloweentown, that I think those who watched it while growing up will enjoy more. As much as I love Tia and Tamera Mowry, the lines they had to learn and speak even make me feel uncomfortable because of how corny they were. Then again, that was just typical Disney Channel now that  I think of it. I like this one especially because of the cast, as well as the evolution of the relationship between the two main characters, sisters Cam and Alex.

>>>Purchase movie here

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